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You agree to all of the following statements by viewing and accessing the services on this website.

  1. You agree to share your medical information, including your clinical history, diagnostic resources and treatment document, with STAY MULTINATIONAL CONSULTING and healthcare professionals. 

  2. All information received shall be kept confidential within our capability.

  3. STAY MULTINATIONAL CONSULTING LIMITED and their healthcare professionals are not liable in any way to data breaches caused by third-party intrusion and web theft. 

  4. All mobile communication on the WIX platform and other media are kept confidential according to the third-party agreement of the platform.

  5. STAY MULTINATIONAL CONSULTING and their healthcare professional shall not be in any way responsible for any data breach in any form wherein it is as a result of the functional glitch in the third party platform.

  6. You agree that you shall provide truthful information and shall not use any medical advise provided to assist you against STAY MULTINATIONAL CONSULTING LIMITED and or their health professionals.

  7. You agree to use this Telemedicine platform  to provide healthcare services to you through chatting and video consultation. 

  8. You agree that you take responsibility for any action taken after receiving professional guidance from STAY MULTINATIONAL CONSULTING LIMITED and their health professional.

  9. You agree to take all necessary actions and counsels provided for your well-being. 

  10. You agree that you will DO NO HARM to yourself and  STAY MULTINATIONAL CONSULTING LIMITED  and their healthcare team.

  11. This agreement is binding for all users of this website and it is the responsibility of the users to read this agreement before use. 

  12. STAY MULTINATIONAL CONSULTING LIMITED shall not be liable for any user's failure to read this agreement before, during or after using this website and accessing all the products.

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